Screen Name Reassignment Surgery

As I mentioned in my first post, I still hadn’t decided on what to call myself for bloggy purposes. I had temporarily chosen Glicklech, which is entirely too long and annoying to pronounce. I’m also not a fan of the ambiguous “ch” combination, although I am a fan of various other ambiguities.

So I was thinking and thinking. And I thought of something!


For those interested in the thought process behind it, here it is:

I had considered naming the blog “Gay mit Simcha,” go with happiness (gay and happy being synonymous.) But there was that ambiguous “ch” again.

Simcha is an actual Jewish name, and what’s better, it’s gender neutral.

Hello! How perfect can it get? It’s Jewish, it’s non-gender-specific, and it means GAY!

Now I drop the syllable that annoys me, and I get Sim.

There ya go. Now there is no need to address me “Ms./Mrs.(?) Gay-Mit-Glick.”
I’ll be Sim. Catchy, easy to remember sim-ple and sim-bolic. And apparently, easy to pun.

Nice to meet y’all.


About Sim

Learning how to merge my two very different lives.
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One Response to Screen Name Reassignment Surgery

  1. Sim says:

    A cool new name and a cool new avatar. šŸ˜€

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