Punch Your Children if They Don’t Conform to Fabricated Gender Roles

I recently came across this video, where a pastor urges parents to be violent toward children who engage in activities other than those prescribed for their gender by the society of the last several decades.

Read about it here.

Now, there are some obvious issues with this, and some less obvious ones (though no less important.)

This wacko advocates punching children and cracking their bones when they don’t act the way he expects them to.

This is the obvious one. What kind of language is this? He’s not telling parents to give a potch on the tuches. He’s using disturbing words like “punch,” “squash,” and “crack.” Notice how he doesn’t suggest physical violence against a butch girl. What, you scared of what she’ll do to you? Wimp. No children should live in fear of abuse. Period. End of conversation.

Even if he wasn’t advocating violence, just telling parents to steer their children away from “gay” behavior is wrong.

People are either gay or they are not. (And of course, everything in between.) But whatever they are, they are. Putting hairbows in his hair will not make a boy gay and playing with a tool set will not make a girl gay. Although forcing a boy to “man up” when he is hurt or making a girl wear frilly dresses against her will might.

Just kidding. 🙂  A gay child will grow up to be a gay adult, regardless of what he/she is forced to do or forbidden from doing. The only casualty is the quality of childhood, which is something that parents should seriously consider.

Despite what he thinks, he isn’t even telling the parents to discourage gay behavior.

The parents are supposed to be beating their kids up for engaging in behaviors of the opposite gender.

So for boys, that would mean:

*preferring the color pink (it’s only been half a century that it was a ‘girly’ color in America. Until then it was considered a boyish color),

*playing with dolls (because the best type of dad is one that neglects his children. Heyyy, the pastor was urging the dads to monitor their children. Is he encouraging them to act gay??)

*caring about one’s looks (because this is what a real man should look like) :


*wearing dresses,

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1884

And for girls, engaging in behaviors of the opposite gender would mean:

Um, according to him- talking like a boy, walking like a boy, smelling like a boy. (I have children of either gender, and they all smell the same to me!)

Girls should look like girls.

Queen Christina of Sweden is a perfect example, right? Except that she wore men’s clothes. No butch today would be caught dead in men’s clothes like these.

Gender roles are made up. The rules change every couple of years. A hundred years ago, all kids wore dresses until a certain age. Boys wore pink and girls wore blue. Both genders wore frilly bonnets. For thousands of years, men and women wore loose robes. Every stereotypical boy thing used to be a stereotypical girl thing at one point in history, and vice versa. A child of four can’t sort out thousands of years’ worth of fashion and behavioral evolution. Kids do what comes naturally to them, and the lucky ones don’t get squashed like a cockroach when they explore their world and their lives.


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One Response to Punch Your Children if They Don’t Conform to Fabricated Gender Roles

  1. Pondering Prose says:

    That little girl should consider going into politics.

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