I feel like I am obligated to mention something about the president’s announcement last week. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal until my Facebook newsfeed exploded with singing, dancing and cheering. It reminded me of the time when same-sex marriage was legalized in New York.  But I don’t understand how these two events can even compare.

Amidst all the excitement, I did come across people who were kinda :/ about it all. So I’m not the only crazy one who isn’t dancing in the streets.

I don’t understand what there is to cheer about. Did anything change? No. Will anything change? Maybe, but not likely. Calculated political moves just don’t make me all that excited for some reason.

Obama Evolves © Gary Varvel,The Indianapolis Star News,obama,gay,marriage,evolve,man,woman,equality

Then I read a bit more about it, and discovered that states will still have the right to determine same-sex marriage laws. Why’s that?

The most reasonable response that I have come across so far:

Mr. Barack Obama,
Now that you have clarified your position on an issue that seems to be important to you, how about clarifying your position on a few others which are, in my mind, much more important.
1) What are you doing to help prevent LGBT people from being fired for simply being LGBT?
2) What are you doing to curb bullying and harassment of LGBT students (or any bullying) in schools?
3) What is your program to end LGBT teen homelessness (and teen homelessness in general)?
4) What steps are you taking to prevent LGBT teen suicide?
Let me know when you have a minute to sit down and we’ll chat about it on national television. We have a right to know.
Yaakov Reef

I hope that after the cheering dies down, more people realize that this is what we need to hear.

I have never been an Obama supporter; this is just about the only thing I agree with him about. Is it enough to make me want to vote for him? No, not at all. The only thing that would get me to vote for him is the intense desire to keep his competition out of the White House.

The way I see it:

Voting for Candidates © Steve kelley,The New Orleans Times, Picayune,voting,candidates,obama,romney,polls,voters,election


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3 Responses to Yippee?

  1. sabra2308 says:

    I am waiting for the NC people to wake up one day, hopefully soon a realize that if they did not marry in church but only by a judge, they are not married according to the last amendment they have voted for over there… as NO civil partnership is recognized any more by the constitution of NC:)
    Hell, America is a fun country, isn’t it? I love this place, keeps me interested all the time 🙂

    • Sim says:

      They’re all sinners! Going to hell! Let’s stage a protest with “G-d Hates NC-ers” signs! 😀

      • sabra2308 says:

        hhhhh, by their standards they are big belivers… and they probably are, it is just the power of politics, telling people what they want to hear, knowingly that they will not read the little prints… I am looking forward to following the court events that will start soon someone wakes up… for example when a couple will need a court order to stop a life machine, donate organs, children who will have no rights to their parents inharitance … money is always a good cathalizator…

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