Stupid. Now in Technicolor! Get Yours Today!

We sure have progressed much in the last half a century, haven’t we? I mean, we went from black-and-white film to color film and then to digital photography! Amazing, isn’t it?

But as an Orthodox Jew, I take issue with their signs. They’re 100% against the bible/Torah. Since when is marriage one man and ONE woman? Why don’t they make a sign quoting the verse that says that? Will make them sound more legitimate.

But that’s what’s so great about religion is it not? You can pick and choose what suits you and your agenda and discard the rest. Oh, is it not so? That’s what I also thought. But seems I have been proven wrong.
Men having sex with boys? That’s okay!!! <insert thumbs up icon here> Bible? What bible?
Consenting adults having sex with other consenting adults? ZOMG BIBLE!!

See? Simple! I’ve seen a quote floating around the internet that says, “I don’t have anything against G-d; it’s His fan club I can’t stand.” And I think I finally understand it.

How does anyone have the right to tell an entire country that they must follow their religion? ESPECIALLY if they don’t follow it themselves (because sex between two males is wrong, unless one of them is under the age of consent. Then it’s okay, according to what I see in the news all the time)

But I think I figured out why some people think the whole country must follow their religion: If they can’t be happy, why should anyone else be? Am I right?

It’s this type of disgusting behavior that has me evaluating my religion from the bottom up. A lot of what I was taught as wrong is really not wrong at all. It’s just “not done.” Not that there is no benefit to fitting in, doing things only because they are “done.” It’s fine to build up a community based on similarities. But when the lines between religion and society start to blur, something needs to change. I am not abandoning the religion I hold true just because I choose not to wear the local “uniform.” I am trying to live my life properly, according to the Torah, and I haven’t come across any commandment that required hatred, bigotry, and/or stupidity.


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Learning how to merge my two very different lives.
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2 Responses to Stupid. Now in Technicolor! Get Yours Today!

  1. Chavie says:

    Wow. Your most powerful entry yet. I can so relate to the struggle to hold on to the aspects of Torah that are real while weeding out the ridiculous gibberish fed to us by the locals in uniform.

  2. Pondering Prose says:

    Keep thinking this through. You’re making progress 🙂

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