That’s How G-d Made Them

I was walking outside with my children when we spotted these two pigeons on top of a store. They were resting, so they were puffed up. Now, they know that male pigeons puff out their chests to make themselves look bigger and more important, so my six-year-old thought that these are both males. The conversation went like this: (I will call my Six-year-old “S” and my Eight-year-old “E.”)

S: Oh, look. Two Daddy pigeons. Maybe they made a nest together.
E: Maybe. Or maybe they are just friends.
S: But they were sitting together near a nest! Maybe instead of finding Mommy pigeons to make nests with, they found each other.
E: But they can’t lay eggs. What are they going to do?
Me: Did you know that in a zoo, there are two boy penguins that wanted to make a family? Every season when the other families built nests, they did, too. But every year, they were sad because the other families laid eggs and had babies, but they didn’t. Then, after six years, the zoo keepers gave them an egg to raise, and they’re very happy right now.
E: Where did they get the egg?
Me: Maybe one mother penguin laid two eggs and it was hard for her and the Daddy to take care of both.
E: So after the egg hatches, they will give the chick back to the mother?
Me: No, the two father penguins will raise it.
S: So maybe that’s what happened with those pigeons we saw. Maybe they will find an egg.
E: But why? Why did the penguins make a family together instead of finding Mommy penguins? I guess that’s what they chose…
Me: I don’t think they chose it. When it’s time to make a family, animals go and do what they feel is right. They don’t have to think about it or choose it. They just do what G-d made them to do. It’s called instinct.
S: [passionately] That’s right! Everything G-d does is GOOD. If he made these two boy birds want to make a family, then that’s good. If they would make a family with girl birds, that would be BAD because it’s not what G-d wants!

You can’t imagine how proud I was. I had never spoken to my kids about sexual orientation, about how sometimes two men or two women can make a family. But the purity of my child’s statement touched my heart. If this is how they were created by G-d, making them go against it is going against G-d’s will.


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2 Responses to That’s How G-d Made Them

  1. I’m not crazy about the fact that youre educating your kids this way, but hey, you’ve always been out of the box. Fair warning: Your kids might get bullied for even thinking that it’s normal to settle down with someone of the same gender. You really can’t set up your kids to be and think so differently from everyone else in their world. Think about it.

    • Sim says:

      But that’s the thing. I have never once spoken to them about this topic. At all. Not one word. This is all their own thinking.

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